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How to Make Reverse Phone Lookup at Verizon Cell Phone Directory?

"Reverse Phone Lookup Verizon" is a very useful tool to find someone by looking up a Verizon phone number at Verizon Cell Phone Directory. As the largest land-line and wireless cell phone operator in the U.S., millions phone calls were made through Verizon and Verizon Wireless everyday.

Some phone calls you received are from friends and relatives, of course, you can recognize their phone numbers or can see their names from caller IDs. Some phone calls are from strangers, even worse, from prank callers or some annoying telemarketers, you don't know these callers, in most cases, you cannot find their names from the caller IDs, Some of these phone calls are made from land-lines, some phone calls are made from cell phones, public phone booths, or even calling cards. Often, after seeing an unknown phone number, you wonder whose number it belongs to? Who's calling? Who's calling my husband or wife so often? Who owns this phone number? To search and learn the caller information, you need to use reverse phone number look up service from online phone directories.

Land-line (residential and business) Verizon phone number information can easily be found at Google search or at the regular Verizon WhitePage - Verizon Reverse Lookup Phone Directory lookup service.

For all other type of Verizon numbers such as cell phone numbers, private numbers, unlisted numbers, it is almost impossible to find or trace the caller information through Verizon's own phone directory. By government regulations, cell phone numbers are required to be protected by phone operators, they cannot be put in public phone directory.

So is there a hidden or public searchable phone directory for cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers, or private numbers? If Verizon doesn't provide such a phone directory, is it possible to find out the caller's information anyway?

This article is trying to find some answers for you. You could find out who owns the unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers or make verizon phone number lookup through Intelius or Phone Detecive .

In most cases, you can find: (a) if the cell phone number belongs to a Verizon Wireless customer; (b) Reversely find information such as name, address, and background information on the phone caller regardless if it is a Verizon cell phone number or non-listed phone number from other online phone directories.

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