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Checking Shutter Count of Your PEN

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Checking shutter count of your PEN
« on: January 18, 2011, 01:29:29 PM »
I learn the following method to check the shutter count of my E-P2 from a HK forum:

It mentioned the info came from a Taiwan forum, mobile01, but I cannot find the source.
A series of button pressing brings along "engineering mode", first found in E-PL2.
Users confirmed it worked on E-P2 and E-PL1 as well.
(No report from E-P1 users so far)

Translation of the steps:

1. While holding the "Menu" button, press Power button to switch on

2. Press "Menu" and go to "Monitor brightness adjustment" screen

3. Press "Info" and "OK" button at same time, you will see the screen showing "Olympus"

4. Press the following buttons in the sequence: Up, Down, Left, Right and then press the Shutter, followed by Up (dial button in my E-P2)

5. Engineering mode page is seen. Press dial button to Page 1, 2, 3, and "D".

6. Shutter count is on "Page 2" under "R", in my case, shutter counter is 15396

Enjoy. :)

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