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Will The Galaxy S3 Be Water Resistant?

The latest trend on the Android smartphone market are devices that are water resistant like the Motorola XOOM 2 that has a splash guard. Bare in mind that the two terms do not mean the same  thing as a splash guard isn’t nearly the same as full water resistance. And this full water-proof title seems to be something Samsung is aiming for the Galaxy S3.
How can this be made possible? Well there are two technologies that can provide good water resistance:
  • Coating internal hardware so it is waterproof – this helps the main components remain untouched by water, but the display and other parts may be damaged, which is still easier to repair. The downside of this is that the phone using this will have to be a bit more bulky and much heavier.
  • Soft coating – the manufacturer adds a soft layer of hydrophobic material around the phone making it resistant to just  about any splash as the water will not penetrate the layer. This is great, but not so reliable and if you dropped your phone into the water for some time it would eventually probably brake the thin layer and your internal hardware would be damaged.

The Galaxy S3 Will Use Nano-coating?

What started as a rumor may well be true as Eric Cohill of P2i, a company that deals in the production such material, has confirmed that Samsung is very interested in their technology. Nothing specific has been mentioned about the Galaxy S3, but there is a high chance that this is exactly what Mr Cohill was referring to.
An Android phone that is especially water resistant
Samsung probably wants to make their phone splash and water resistant so that they can:
  • Add more reliability to the phone
  • Offer another cool feature most phones do not have
  • Have less problems with unsatisfied customers
  • Have less problems with the warranty
So what does this mean for you, the average Joe who can’t wait to get the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 as much as us? It means that the S3 will have great resistance to accidental water splashes such a big wave at the beach or when using your phone in the rain. If you dropped your phone into the a puddle it would probably make it out as long as you don’t let it stay in there too long, because like we said it is not full water proof.

The Galaxy S3 Is Unbreakable?

Well, this is not to be taken too seriously, but hold on for the moment and think. The Galaxy S3 will be:
  • Nano-coated which means it will be resistant to splashes of water.
  • Have a ceramic back plating (casing) which means it will not only be stylish, but probably shock resistant.
  • The touch screen will probably be protected with Gorilla Glass 2 which will be out very soon.
  • Will it feature a flexible design that bends, but does not break?
Well, that’s it for now, we will keep you posted more as the news on the Galaxy S3 develop. Read up on the release date if you haven’t already.

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