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An Evolution of Android Market

Go to on our Android Phone to get a feel of it

In Simple Words, All your hubs which include Books, Music, Videos, Apps etc etc under one roof.. 
I Say - - - >> Play Long & Go On n On n On

Google Play will become the single destination for all of the company's buyable content. Accordingly, the standard Android books, music, and video apps will become Google Play Books, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies. But it's not just about devices. Google Play is meant to bring together the company's content offerings in both mobile and browser experiences.
Android devices running version 2.2 or later will have their Market app automatically updated "over the coming days," while the Google Play Store moniker will make its way into the Google sandbar, much like the Google+ service. The Android Market name will be retired, though you won't miss it much since the Google Play Store looks nearly identical.

With Google Play you can:
  • Store up to 20,000 songs for free and buy millions of new tracks
  • Download more than 450,000 Android apps and games
  • Browse the world’s largest selection of eBooks
  • Rent thousands of your favorite movies, including new releases and HD titles

Google is also using this opportunity to show off its competitive pricing in movies, music, and books, with deals happening throughout the week in celebration of the launch. A full gamut of content will be available here in the US, while services will be limited in other countries due to licensing deals (or lack thereof). Irrespective of country, the Android Market will be replaced with Google Play as the official Android app destination.

Source: Google Blog
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