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The Galaxy Nexus Time to switch

 Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the (Android Slate) smartphones of today’s
tech savvy generation, which was developed by Samsung and Google together making
 it the ultimate Android smartphone.
Configuration for all new Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Nexus,


  • 135.5 mm height, 67.94 mm width and 8.94 mm depth or 9.47 mm for LTE
  • 135 gm in weight
  • Sorts the new Android Operating System (Android 4.0.1) Ice Cream Sandwich, which can be upgrade to 4.0.3 Android 4.0 having a redesigned UI
  • Dual-core processor of 1.2 GHz CPU
  • 304 MHz GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 GB or 32 GB external memory is not accepted
  • 1750 mAh Battery or 1850 mAh (for LTE)
  • Three-axis gyroscope, Accelerometer, A- GPS, multi touch capacitate touchscreen, Dual microphones, proximity sensor, noise cancellation, digital compass.
  • Rear Camera: Samsung have redesigned the gadget’s camera with a panorama mode, zero-shutter lag, (1080p) video, background replacement and silly faces features and 5 MP
  • Front 1.3 MP Camera
  • Compatible with nearly all Media (both audio and video) formats
  • 4.65-inch smartphone with HD Super AMOLED Screen which has resolution of 720p
  • Improvement have been done to notifications, multi-tasking, NFC support, Wi-Fi hotspot, full web browsing
  • Galaxy Nexus has Android 4.0 features with an upgraded button specified for Software Navigation buttons.
  • This electronic gadget presents its user with a Nexus multi touch facility. Enjoy the exclusive Google experience
  • Galaxy Nexus provided their user with some very specified application like People App that comes with Google+ Integration system among the other alluring features.
  • Sports Face Unlock facility with this all new Galaxy Nexus i.e Facial recognition. One can actually unlock the phone with that and if you don’t believe it you check it for yourself.
  • NFC is been used with Android Beam so that the content can be easily shared with other users of Android.
  • Anything and everything you wish to have in your phone from the Android market let it be Google Apps or Gmail, may be Movie Studio everything has been redesigned extensively for this gadget.
This was first available in Europe, USA, & Asia at the beginning of November later became available to rest of the world.
Some of the issues Galaxy Nexus faced are below
  • The size of the screen is 4.65 inches while the Galaxy Nexus battery is notably less as to 1750 mAH, which gives a lesser battery life compared to others. The screen to battery ratio is bad giving only 3 hours of juice on web browsing.
  • The touch screen sometimes fails to respond. It works again after you lock and unlock it
  • Web browsing is really slow due to the poor signal reception.
  • Video play back of the gadget is low with low FPS.
  • One of Galaxy Nexus issues is its own apps i.e. the Verizon backup assistant and Verizon Mobile.
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus has wireless issues, it is better to be said that they have “signal strength problem”. The speed test in 4G shows surprisingly low transfer speeds.
We hope Google sorts it out to save its Royal droid from the abyss.

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