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The Galaxy S3 to be launched on May 22nd

 ecent news that are circulating the Internet are going against the information of our previous post Samsung Galaxy S3 to be released in July. So what is the latest news on the S3? Well, once again there are some rumors and leaked photos that are getting in the Internet community all worked up about what may be just a hoax.
Here is the leaked image:
Real or fake? You make the call! Let us know in the comments!
The photo above is supposed to be a leaked media image that shows the Galaxy S3 that is supposed to be coming out on May the 22nd 2012 at the Samsung Unpacked Event. If this is really the phone then it isn’t really as revolutionary as we were lead to believe over the past few months. The only thing we can really get out of this is the display size which looks quite nice.

The Galaxy S3 release date is 22nd of May: fake or true?

While we can’t tell for sure it is understandable why people have reason to believe this could be true. One of the major reasons is perhaps a direct quote Samsung gave last year when they said:
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to be released in the first part of the next year.
For this reasons May the 22nd  seems like great timing and it fits perfectly as it falls right between the CTIA Wireless show at the beginning of May and Google’s I/O event at the end of the month. Both of which can be used by Samsung effectively for the promotion of their latest flagship.
Another reason the Internet community is believing this rumor is simply because they are tired of waiting for the Galaxy S3 to come out and will take any date offered to them good for granted. It may sound harsh, but Samsung did this to us with all the amazing previews, yet they still keep us in the dark concerning the release date and the actual look.
The third reason is that the image actually looks legitimate to some degree. If it is really fake, then someone went through a lot of trouble to make it. It has that “leaked” feel with the medium quality and looks good enough to be an advert poster or something similar. The phone itself looks pretty good and as a final touch the logo of one of Samsung’s best partners, Weber Shandwick, is included to add to the the authority feel of the design.
However, is this just a photoshoped image of the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi? Compare the two and judge for yourself!

The Wrap-up

What is really disappointing if the leaked photo does turn up to be true is the fact that the trademarked ”Home” button is back once again which means Samsung took a step back. Otherwise, the specs that will probably be the main characteristics of the phone look really good.
For example:
  • A Quad-core processor – probably Exynos 4412 with ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display (or 4.65 inches as the lowest range)
  • An amazing 12MP rear-camera and a compact 2MP front-camera
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Ceramic Shock-resistant Case
Recently we also talked how it would be splash resistant and use Gorilla Glass.

Final notes on the Galaxy S3 release date

So what are you current opinions on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the release date? We will it be in May or July? Do you believe in the leaked image or do you take it with reserve as well as us? We are very interested in what you have to say so leave us comment!

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