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Temple Run on Android - As Good As on an iPhone/iPad

I just downloaded Temple Run on my Samsung galaxy Note and it runs as smooth and great as it does on an iPhone or an iPad.

I frankly did not expect it to have such a fast and smooth interface. But one of the most happening games Temple Run works beautifully. Im sure it'll make you addictive to playing it again and again.

To keep you addicted & occupied, the game has some really cool objectives which you have to accomplish and all these are possible when you take the coins. Grab as many as you can and keep going.


You can buy powers which are available for time while you play the game. One of them make you invisible, there is a magnet which attracts all the coins even when you cant take them, increase your running speed for some meters and a couple of em'.

Maybe in between or after your done with buying all the powers, get some useful utilities.. Well, I haven't bought them yet so I dunno how exactly they work, but make sure you give them a try..

Bored with your current YOURSELF who keeps running?? Upgrade your character.. Keep collecting coins and upgrading your character with special features. ;)

Click below to download
Take a look at "Temple Run"

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