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BlackBerry 10 Superphone Release Date

The BlackBerry 10 Superphone Release Date in UK is reported to be later this year that is most probably at the annual RIM Blackberry Event in the second half of 2012.
There are rumours that RIM is pretty soon going to make a big announcement and that would be about the unveiling of its Smartphone Superphone, Blackberry 10 release. This smartphone which is also called the Blackberry ‘London’ Superphone is going to be based on the QNX platform and its release seems to have been planned after reports of a change in leadership in the company.

Update (27-March-2012): Latest report suggest that RIM may unveil BlackBerry 10 Superphone in May-2012. Read More.

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Crackberry has also released a picture of what seems the RIM Blackberry 10 Superphone having rounded corners and looking more like a “phonified Blackberry Playbook”. It shows an iPhone 4S like touchscreen handset with 16:10 screen ratio and a rear flushed camera.

The slide also reads “hardware and platform, fused into one polished experience”, with a dramatic shift in user interface. RIM will reportedly use both TI OMAP5 processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon ones. Besides these features there is its exceptional power and efficiency, quality apps and its capacity of multiple CPUs.

BlackBerry 10 Release Date and Price

The Blackberry Superphone launch date is still unspecified at this time and so is its price. However, there’s a big possibility that RIM fans and patrons are in for a big surprise later this year

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