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5 Best Apps for Free Phone Calls on Android

Mobile phones are one of the lifelines to current
civilization but if you still can't connect to other people because you don't
have the luxury of money to make calls, then you're still left out. But thanks
to Android, there is already a big solution to your financial problem.
Currently, Android offers apps which allow you to make free phone calls to
practically anyone. Here are the five best Android apps which allow you to make
calls at no cost at all:

1. Guava

Gizmo5 team recently developed the Sipdroid Guava app which enables you to make
calls to any US number-for free! Since this app is now acquired by Google, you
can synchronize this with Google Voice to be able to make free calls and texts.
Using this app, you can also receive calls with your Google Voice number as long
as you have Internet connection.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice now has an Android version. This app, which functions real-time,
lets you receive voice and text messages the moment they arrive. This is far
better from the old version which checks for new messages only once every
fifteen minutes. The new version also has an inbox synchronization feature
which, when activated, shows messages that are due to come in seconds. But the
most amazing feature that you can get from Google Voice is its capability to let
you send free text messages and make international calls with your Google
number. Take note that the calls here are not free - only the text messages.
However, when Guava is synchronized with this app, you can then make free calls.

3. Skype MobileTM on Verizon

The Android version of Skype works quite the same with the iPhone version. Once
you sign in,

you can see your online contacts. You can make free calls and send
messages over a standard 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You can even call your friends
right on their PCs using your Skype contact list. Skype's call quality is not at
all choppy though there might be times when the connection jumps but over-all,
the whole calling experience is satisfying. Interface-wise, Skype is

4. Viber

The Android version of Viber app allows you to call other Viber users for free
using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Moreover, this app lets you send text messages
for free. You can also use this app as your default dialer. Other notable
features of Viber are its full call screen and its pop-up text message

5. Rebtel

Rebtel app comes with a built-in dial pad that does not require you to turn on
the app to get things done. You just have to dial right away and you're good to
go. This app integrates well with the Android contact manager, allowing you to
make free calls to anyone with the same app installed in their devices. Unlike
other apps, you can make calls through Rebtel without even using Wi-Fi. This app
is compatible with 3G and CDMA connection.

In the coming months or years, there might be other Android apps that will be
offering more attractive free call features but as of the moment, the apps above
are the best to root for. Depending on your needs and interests, you can choose
whichever app suits you well.

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