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Samsung Galaxy S2 VS Galaxy S3

When a new model in a very popular series makes its appearance on the spotlight, many first ask what is the major difference between it and the last one.  We are used to having these differences be something very small like with the Motorola droids, but when it comes to the new Samsung Galaxy S3 the story is totally different. The new Galaxy S series phone is really something amazing and should not be taken lightly. After all it didn’t earn the nicknames “iPhone killer” and “the genius phone” for nothing. So let us get started on this Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy S3 mash-up and see just what exactly Samsung introduced to make their new phone stand out.
samsung galaxy s3 the iphone 5 killer
Galaxy S3 got the nickname "iPhone killer" by Android lovers

Samsung Galaxy S2 VS Galaxy S3 Major Points

When looking over two phones and deciding which one is better there are several factors one needs to consider. In this case the most important factors include (but are not limited to):
  • Display size and features
  • Processor specs
  • Phone memory
  • Camera and camera features
  • The battery
  • Durability
  • Additional features
We will compare each of these features and key factors for both the Galaxy S2 and the S3.

Comparing the Galaxy S2 VS Galaxy S3

Guided by the factors above it is time to compare each of them for these two phones. Let us find out what will give the S3 such an important and crucial edge over the older S2 which still holds the tittle of “the best smartphone yet”.
The S3 will be much wider than this (photo of the S2) and have a better display, yet remain very slim

 Comparing the Display

Comparing the display and its features on the S2 and the S3 can best be described by an old saying in Eastern Europe that goes “it is like comparing the earth to the sky”. There are a few reasons for this claim, but it is best you take a look at the display features yourself and see what we mean.
The Galaxy S2 sports:
  • 4.3-inch with a 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch-screen
  • 217 ppi pixel density
The new kid in town, The Galaxy S3 will however, sport:
  • 4.6-inch HD with a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution
  • Super AMOLED Plus capacitive with TouchWiz screen
  • 319 ppi pixel density
So as you can see, the S3 is clearly better in this field and has a lot more to offer! Watching videos will be a real joy on this new phone. Both devices have Gorilla Glass protection, but the S3 will probably have the new and improved version.

Processor specs

We can say for sure that the S2 features a 1.2GHz Cortex-A9, Exynos processor with 1GB RAM which was really something the first time it came out. However, the Galaxy S3 will feature a quad-core, Exynos 4212/ Exyos 5250 (this is still not 100% certain), 2GHz/ 1.8GHz processor with 2GB RAM. Clearly the S3 will be more powerful and faster.

Memory storage

While very important, most users will never come anywhere near the maximum that the phone can store so many ignore this and deem it to not be important. However, for the sake of those who do will remind you that the Galaxy S2 has internal memory configurations of either 16 or 32GB and can have an external microSD card that allows it to expand to 32GB. On the other hand we have the Galaxy S3 which  they say will have the option for you to get it with 16, 32 or even 64GB storage. And  then you can get an external microSD card and expend the memory up to another 64GB. This means the new model will have double the storage space possible!
An obvious fake, but still, lovely design!

The Camera

Very important to media junkies who want high quality picture and video capture options. Once again the Galaxy S3 is much better in this field. The S2 sports a 8 megapixel camera with 3264×2448 pixels and with 1080p HD video capture, as well as a secondary 2 MP camera for video calling.  The camera of the S3 is still hidden in a veil of mysteries and rumors, but it will probably be a 12 MP camera with 4000×3000 pixels and of course 1080p HD video capture. There will also be a front 2MP camera which is becoming quite standard.

The Battery

A lot of room for debate here as well. Those who are interested in the outcome of the Galaxy S2 VS Galaxy S3 mash-up will be particularly interested in this feature. In short the Galaxy S2 sports quite a standard battery with Li-Ion 1650 mAh. We aren’t sure about the Galaxy S3, however, it is predicted that it will come with a good-looking, slim 2250 mAh battery.

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