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Samsung Galaxy S3 is Getting a New Name? The Galaxy M?

The rumor mill that is spinning around the Samsung Galaxy S3 is really fascinating and probably no other android phone has gone through so much media attention. It seems that we thought we knew a lot about the upcoming “iPhone killer” yet today we find ourselves not even knowing what the name of the device will be!

We talked about the possible new names for the Galaxy S3 series, however, it seems that even these options aren’t quite enough. The flagship phone of the Samsung armada may be taking a completely different name and the hot tip from an unknown source is that it will be labeled the Galaxy M. We don’t like it when someone uses the label “unknown source” as it can just be a made-up rumor. But several reputable newspapers have indeed posted similar information it appears that it came from one of Samsung’s CEOs. Is that enough for us to consider it trustworthy? You decide for yourself!
The full code for the Galaxy S3 is rumor to be I-9300 and apparently the orders that came in for the production of the device labeled it  as the Galaxy M. Along with this arrived some leaked photos, and if they are truly real, then the latest phone from Samsung is a huge disappointment.
No way is this small display the Galaxy S3!

So if this isn’t the Galaxy S3 (we simply refuse to believe it!), then what is it? We believe to either be an obvious fake or perhaps a new addition to the Galaxy S or S2 family. Perhaps the Galaxy M is actually a new branded name for the rumors upcoming extended version of the Galaxy S Advanced?  Another smartphone has appeared in Samsung’s Internet database and is labeled the GT-19308 which doesn’t respond with any phone currently on the market. Is Samsung planning to release another phone and perhaps hope that some of the S3′s glory rubs off on it? Or is it just a mistake?

Either way, you should stay tuned to us and expect some latest and fresh rumors coming up soon as we approach the release date for the new Samsung Galaxy S3!
The name game for the S3 is more than we can chew on and it pretty much like the Kindle Fire 2 name game that in the end makes not even care about the name as long as it is the device of our dreams!
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