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4 important time management skills

There are several skills that are important in time management. Managing this skills always gives you an advantage, whether you are an existing time management system with a system that works or you’re self, from experience, you own.

Eliminate doubts

Definiteness and definiteness is an important skill you can learn.. It is important that you decide depending on your priorities.

What do you do NOW? Where are you NOW doing?

Decide quickly and decisively and do not waste time with doubts. If you find it difficult to resolute decisions, start practicing with the less important decisions. (Some may not even make decisions when they are looking for a restaurant).

Learn to decide within 60 seconds.
If you do it regularly, you are getting better and get more self-confidence. You can start with this 60-second rule in situations with your family. It can not hurt you in the beginning can not readily decide. Just keep practicing.

Work on a particular method

It can sometimes be boring to certain routines or methods to follow but it is a productive way of working.
Benefits of routines and methods
  • They eliminate certain decisions (see quote above)
  • Certain tasks and actions do almost on autopilot
  • Routines save you time 

Stop Multi-Tasking!

Sometimes multitasking work.
  • You can listen to the radio while you cook.
  • You can read your mails while you're waiting in line at the checkout stands.
  • You can take your agenda while you wash your hair in the shower.

But in general, is multitasking while working on a task or project, counter-productive.
Work your duties in order of importance. Do not start the next task when one is ready.

Set Priorities

Another important time management skill is learning to prioritize certain tasks. You must learn to decide what business you must first finish.

This skill goes hand in hand with the above skills. If you work in a routine or method, then you should know that the tasks on this list, do not fall under priorities. If you make decisions, you should also consider what is important and what is not.

What tasks do you like? What do you decide?

The more you practice in determining your priorities and making decisions, and the better you get, the faster you can.

Start with the tasks that the key phrase.

Start it and kill them.

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