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25 free games for Nokia phones

It's nothing new to say that smartphones are complete working tools able to give us a lot of tasks. But they also happen to be an excellent leisure platform to avoid bored in the waiting rooms or transportation. We have therefore chosen to 25 games for most users Gamers. Furthermore, they are all for free and can enjoy them and change from one to another without thinking about the bitter economy.

This is a selection all sorts of games and genres, Designed to all ages. It is possible to find games strategy, action, logic and, above all, more fun, arcade classic never go out of fashion. A collection chosen for mobile users Nokia OS Symbian.
  1. Zulux: An addictive game of skill and strategy in which we must prevent the snake ball reaches the hole.
  2. Clever Ex Driver: Simply get out the car parking in the fewest number of attempts and time possible.
  3. Balance Ball Time: Moves from one level to another by tilting your Nokia to move the ball.
  4. Bubble Popper XXL HD: Creates combinations to delete rows and columns Tetris style.
  5. Dominoes: The classic bar game now available free for Nokia phones.
  6. Up: The Pixar animated film also features an entertaining game with 12 different levels.
  7. Bubbles Touch - Free!: The classic game with the ball, now free on your Nokia with Symbian.
  8. Angry Birds Rio Free: One of the funniest episodes of these angry birds to Nokia.
  9. Blue Tic Tac Toe: The classic Tic Tac Toe with a new design and several difficulties to choose from.
  10. Mast Sudoku: Test your intelligence with this application of sudokus.
  11. Revolve: Turn your phone a number of times to get the ball to the hole.
  12. NinjaStrike: Scale buildings like a ninja and use your powers against enemies.
  13. Air Hockey - Free: The classic arcades now in your Nokia phone.
  14. Fillr: A curious game in which you have to transform all characters in one color with a maximum number of moves.
  15. Brick Mania: The classic Arkanoid in a more casual, with 29 levels and an original style.
  16. Mahjong: The best known oriental puzzles in your pocket.
  17. Disks Touch: A four in a row for one or two players.
  18. Millionaire City: A strategy game in which the user must create and manage a city at will.
  19. Mobi Table Tennis: To play ping pong and no two people with this fun 3D game.
  20. Dalton - The Awesome!: A frantic action game in which speed and jumps predominate over other elements.
  21. Phineas And Ferb Game: Plays with the typical characters of the Disney Channel series Phineas and Ferb in this summer adventure.
  22. Free Cube Brain: A game that tests the logic of the user to rotate a cube by complicated scenarios to the finish.
  23. Touch Solitaire: Kill time playing classic solitaire anywhere. Just sort the cards in their respective club, although not as easy as it sounds.
  24. FREE Guns'n'Glory: Establishes the position of your bandits to raid all the carriages possible in this game of strategy.
  25. Need For Speed ​​Shift: Leads to be number one in this installment of the legendary saga Need For Speed ​​Car.

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