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4 ways to look the way you sleep

There is much literature with tips and tricks to find a good night's sleep, but more importantly what I think is a good way to fall asleep. To close your eyes and your mind to rest. With this approach in the main, I have written some tips to relax and gently fall asleep.

Try to sleep alone if you're really tired.

This is actually not as obvious as it sounds. Many people go to bed because it's time. Not because they are tired. There are plenty of reasons why they do this:
  • "If you do not get time to sleep, you sleep too short"
  • "Everybody has a certain hour at once to bed."

Yet it is a prerequisite for falling asleep, that you also really tired are. What do you do if you're not tired? You start to think (100,000 examples enough), you begin to toss and eventually you're still awake than you was before. So .. if you're not really tired, do something quiet. Do not sit behind the computer or watch television. The images make your brains remain in ACTION mode. Instead, read a book or listen to beautiful, peaceful music.

A bit tired can not hurt

A good night sleep is very important, everyone knows that. It makes you happy, energetic, balanced and healthy. Yet we are all so focused on our 8 hours of sleep per night, that we forget that sometimes a few hours less really can not hurt. Okay, you might just be tired, if you know what sleep deprived, but not often as long as this happens, it is not so bad.

Early bird or night owl?

I like going to bed early to get up early again? Or do you feel better if you late in the evening makes? And then the morning a little longer stay in bed? It makes everyone really: an early bird feels uncomfortable with each other after late nights sleep. Our current world discriminates against the owl (although quietly changes), it is not always easy to reconcile this rhythm to be a busy day job. Yet, try as much as possible to find your own rhythm and apply.

Try a (crude) sleep routine maintenance.

I do not mean strictly at specific times to get up and go to bed. (See my first one). Yet it is important to have a certain routine. If you regularly at the same time going to sleep and wake up - with a clearance of about 1 hour then your body just this. This way you will also be receptive to fall asleep when you go to bed. If you get up very early during the week and on throughout the weekend, sleeping in, then you will have difficulty every Monday again.

Do you find it hard to evening to fall asleep? Or you lie sometimes for an hour tossing and turning?

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