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Free Ringtones for Verizon

Free Ringtones for Verizon Wireless Users

Free Ringtones for Verizon Wireless Users
Are there free ringtones for Verizon Wireless users? Verizon wants you to use their proprietary phone software to download ringtones for your phone, but savvy cell phone owners can create and find free ringtones.

From Verizon Wireless

You can get a little savvy when you purchase ringtones directly from Verizon Wireless. You will have to initially purchase a ringtone pack, which gives you credits. The most common pack is the $9.99 pack that gives you four credits. Since each ringtone typically costs $2.99 to $3.99, you are paying for three ringtones and getting one free (each ringtone works out to $2.50 per purchase).

Creating Your Own

Just as you can make your own cell phone wallpapers, the same can be done with ringers as well.

From Your Cellphone

Depending on what phone you have and what cell phone operating system is installed, you may be able to make free ringtones for Verizon Wireless users right from the phone. Some Windows Mobile 6.1 users have a program called MP3 Trimmer that lets you import a full MP3 song and block off a section of the song that you can save to the ringtone folder or automatically set as the main ringtone. While the program is powerful, it does take some time to convert the song. For a 20-second clip, the trimmer program takes about 5 minutes, which can drain the battery significantly. Make sure you plug in the phone to a charger for the MP3 Trimmer.

-==Sound Programs=== If you have one of the advanced audio editing programs like Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Audition or something similar, then you can chop down an audio clip to ay section you want in superb detail. After editing is complete, you will need to save the file in the format your phone uses for the ringtones. The most common formats are MIDI and MP3. You should find what type you use under the Ringtone Type heading in the Sound Settings.
Once you create your song on the computer, the easiest way to get the ringtone to your phone if you don't have a phone that uses a file system (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) is to email the ringtone as an attachment to your Text number, which is usually the 10 digit phone number followed by "@" and then your providers domain name. Verizon Wireless is "". If you have a data plan or access to the Internet, then you will receive a link to click that will save the sound file to your phone. This is one the best ways to get free ringtones for Verizon Wireless users.
With one of the other types of phones using a file system, you can save the audio clip to the ringtone folder. It may not be called "Ringtone", so you have to do some digging to find the folder. For example, the "Ringtone" folder could be under the "My Documents" folder.

Myxer Tones

At Myxer you have two options to download free ringtones for Verizon Wireless users.
  • First, you can search through the current catalog of ringtones and download one of these. Keep in mind that these are not officially released ringtones. The Myxer community edits and uploads these so you may have three or four different ringtones of the same song, but they could be totally different parts of the song. You can find current hits as well as independent bands that are promoting themselves.
  • Second, you can create your own. Create an account and then select a song on your computer to upload and then you'll use the Myxer Java software to edit the block of the song you want (basically moving two sliders to the spot you desire). After that, the website will convert the song to your mobile phone specifics. Before using the site, make sure your phone is supported.
NOTE: Verizon Wireless users may notice a lag in delivery. The ringtones may be sent to your phone immediately or hours later. So, be patient.

Free Ringtones for Verizon Wireless Users

Verizon Wireless is very particular about where users download ringtones. Of course, Verizon Wireless wants you to use their ringtone store, but some people find the prices to costly. By using the techniques and website above, you can obtain free ringtones for Verizon Wireless users just as quick and easy.

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